Things that have happened recently with the cats and dogs in my life.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Mika versus me in Battleship!

Tonight me and daddy were playing Battleship and the top of the Battleship box was over to the side and Mika came over to the side and laid right in it.
We were laughing and laughing.
For some reason the cats just love to lay in boxes and brown paper bags. I think it is because they love to hide a lot and so I think that is why they do that.
I said "Mika wants to learn how to play Battleship."
But she really tried to go to sleep.
I think she did that because she wants to hang out with me because I have been away for three days.
Whenever we're gone she always wants to hang out with us when we get back. Earlier today when we came back she followed me everywhere. It made me think she loves me so much.

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